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About Rajnandgaon

Rajnandgaon situated only 80 Km from Raipur is one of the important cities in Chhattisgarh and the headquarters of Rajnandangaon district. It is amongst few cities of India which shows ancient heritage and colonial relics at the same time. The city has an enriched history from pre-independence time. It was a princely state during British rule in India. Various historical monuments in this small city still stands as testimonial to colonial days. The city enjoys a prime location and importance in the newly carved out State of Chattisgarh from Madhya Pradesh.

About Rajnandgaon

Brief History of Rajnandgaon

The city was originally was once known as Nandgram. Mainly three dynasties ruled over this part of Chhattisgarh namely Somvanshis, Kalchuris and Marathas with power and prosperity. The city was under the Hindu caretakers, popularly known as Mahants in Rajnandgaon reflect the traditional and ethical values of the dynasties even now. The 'Vaishnav' enjoyed major power along with the Gond Rajas. Gond Rajas were the Chief appointed by the ruler. The city under the Hindu rulers soon turned into a religious state, and the society started moulding towards Hindu influenced province in India. However, after British conquered most part of the country, Rajnandgaon also fell to the expanding British Empire. The British declared the Rajnandgaon as a Princely State and appointed the heir of the hereditary ruler as the Chief of Province. They were first called as the Sanad of the Rajnandgaon but later they were conferred with the title of Raja in subsequent time. After the independence of India, Rajnandgaon became the part of Madhya Pradesh state in Durg District. In 1973, the Rajnandgaon area was carved out of Durg and was made a district. Rajnandgaon became the primary town of the district. In 2000, the southern part of Madhya Pradesh was carved out, and Chattisgarh State was formed, Rajnandgaon became the part of the newly formed 10th largest state of India and maintained its District headquarter status. Read More.......

Geography of Rajnandgaon

Rajnandgaon is situated on the banks of Sheonath. The vast and wide Sheonath is one of the prime tributaries of the Mahanadi River. The city is geographically located at 21°06'N 81°02'E. The average elevation of the place is 307 meters that come out to be 1010 feet. The city is situated one the Center of Large plain. It is surrounded by the Chota Nagpur Plateau and Deccan Plateau. The city is situated in proximity to Maikal Hills. However, it is plain and is not at the foothills. The city has a tropical wet and dry climate throughout the year. However, the temperature during the Summer (typically March to June) can be hot to very hot. The maximum temperature in Summer reaches the scale of 48 °C. However, recently, temperature as high as 50 °C has been recorded in the city. The city also receives hot wind during the summer time. The cities witness a Monsoon Season from July to October. The average rainfall in a year is about 1250 millimeters. Maximum of the rain is witnessed in the Monsoon Season. The climates however ease down from the month of November and continue till February. The duration is considered as the Winter Season of the year. The average temperature during this time is 10 °C. However, sometimes the temperature dips down to 5 °C as well. Read More.......

Places of Interest in Rajnandgaon

Rajnandgaon is mainly famous for being a pilgrimage of the Hindu Religion and also a popular religious tourist spot. The place has many famous temples which are spread across the city. The heritage and cultural significance of Rajnadangaon draw special attention towards it. Bambleshwari Goddess Temple is an ancient temple situated in the Dongargarh Tehsil of Rajnandangaon. The temple is considered as one of the most famous pilgrimages of India. Situated on a hill top at around 1600 feet, the temple is the perfect example of the tradition and heritage of Rajnandangaon. Dusherra and Chaitra Festivals are widely celebrated in the temple.

Tourist places in Rajnandgaon

Thousands of visitors come to the temple in order to pay their devotion. Apart from it, the city also has many small and big temples. Choti Bambleshwari, Gayatri Mandir, Sitla Mandir, Barfaani Ashram are the major religious pilgrimage of the city. The city celebrates many auspicious festivals in the temples like Mohar Meela, Pola Festival and Mina Bazzar. The Bull Run on the Pola Festival is one of the special attractions of the city. Apart from the Hindu Temples, Buddhist temples in Chandmari and Pragyagiri are also very famous. The city is famous for having Rope way that is also one of the key tourist attraction. Read More.......

Population of Rajnandgaon

Rajnandangaon is the headquarters of Rajnandangaon district in Chattisgarh. The city famous as Hindu Pilgrimage has recently shown a sharp development and progress. The development of urban lifestyle has drawn large influx of people into the city. However, the presence of local tribes in the area is also a considerable factor. According to the Census of 2011, the total population of Rajnandangaon is 163,122. The city is one of the few places of India where the sex ratio is better than National Average. According to 2011 Census, Rajnandangaon has 1023 female per 1000 male.

Culture of Rajnandgaon

Rajnandangaon is famous for its age old traditions and culture. This place has a huge contribution towards the Hindi language and is often considered as the prime contributor of the language. People like Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh, Padumlal Punnalal Bakshi and Baldeo Prasad Mishra have made a significant contribution towards Hindi Literature. Diwali, Dusheera and Ram Navami (Chaitra) festivals are considered as the major festivals of the city.

Culture of Rajnandgaon

However, the festive occasion of Rajnandangaon is not limited to the common and traditional festivals. The local festivals of Rajnandangaon is equally famous for its popularity and charm. The festival is a key component in the culture of Rajnandangaon. It binds the people across all religion, caste and creed and put them together in a common platform. The bull run of Pola Festival is one such instance when all of the city comes together to celebrate it. Apart from it Mohara Mela and Mina Bazaar are also very famous and popular in Rajnandangaon. Read More.......

Transportation in Rajnandgaon

Rajnandgaon enjoys a prime location and is easily accessible city. It is connected via railways and roadways. It is a part of Indian Railway Network and falls on the important line of Howrah-Nagpur-Mumbai network. Rajnandgaon is an important railway station and has direct trains to most of the significant cities of India including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune and others.

Transportation in Rajnandgaon

As far as bus transportation is considered, Rajnandgaon is well connected with the neighbouring cities with frequent bus services. There are two bus stands in the city, Old Bus Stand and New Bus Stand. However, interstate bus services in Rajnandgaon has not improved, and authority is planning for frequent bus services for long routes as well. There is no airport in the city of Rajnandangaon. However, the city can be reached from the nearby Raipur Airport, which is only 80 Km away. The Airport of the capital city is quite close to Rajnandangaon, and it takes only one and half hour to reach there. All mode of communication is available from Raipur Airport to Rajnandangaon and vice versa. Read More.......

Swami Vivekananda Airport, Raipur
Address: VIP Rd, Raipur, Chhattisgarh 492015
Phone: 07712418167
Email: apdrpr@aai.aero

Economy and Industrialism in Rajnandgaon

Being present at the mining zone of India, Rajnandangaon has become a hub for the mining industries. The small scale industries are rapidly growing in this part of the country. Many factories and workshop have been established in the Rajnandangaon. The city is considered as an ideal place to invest for small scale projects. Agriculture is one of the prime contributors towards the economy of the Rajnandangaon. The city is placed in a belt that is often conferred as the 'Rice Bowl of India'. Apart from sound agriculture, the agriculture based industries like Food and Argo industries have also developed in the city and is seeing huge amount of growth. Read More.......

Shopping in Rajnandgaon

Shopping is quite a fun in Rajnandgaon. The presence of wide spread markets in the city has made it a feasible option for the shopaholics. The city is famous for traditional handicraft items. People enjoy shopping for clothes and other stuffs in Rajnandangaon. Markets like Ambagarh Chowki, Dongargaon, Patewa, Bandhabazar, Bazar Atriya , Gandai, Chhuria, and Kheragarh are immense popular in Rajnandangaon and nearby areas. You can also purchase colorful bangles from this place. Married women especially enjoy shopping in Rajnandangaon.

Rajnandgaon at a glance

Country: India
State: Chattisgarh
Region: Central Large Plain
District: Rajnandangaon
Language: Hindi, Chattishgarhi
Location: 21°06'N 81°02'E
Pin Code: 491441
Telephone Code: 07744
Climate: Tropical Climate
Population (2011): 163,122

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