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Geography of Rajnandgaon

Rajnandgaon is one of the significant cities in India and Chhattisgarh. The city is one of the cultural and traditional centers in India. Previously a Princely State, Rajnandgaon is the administrative headquarters of the Rajnandgaon district in Chhattisgarh State. The history of the city is not so old, but the heritage is enriched and sound. The place is famous for giving birth to many scholars and famous personalities. Also, Rajnandgaon is considered as one of the major places where Hindi Literature prospered. The city is situated at a very convenient and favored situation. Geographically, Rajnandgaon enjoys a comfortable position where both agriculture and industry can grow.

Geographical features of Rajnandgaon

Geographical features of Rajnandgaon

Rajnandgaon is situated on the Central Plane of India. The land is bordered with Chotanagpur Plateau. As the land is on the plane, Rajnandgaon has a yield farming land for agriculture. Also, due to proximity of mountains and rivers, the resource is in abundance here and hence considered suitable for Industry as well. The city, Rajnandgaon is located at 21.10°N 81.03°E. The city is situated on the banks of Sheonath River. The river is the tributary of Mahanadi. Due to yielding land of the central plane, Rajnandgaon comes under the famous ‘Rice Bowl of India’.

Climate of Rajnandgaon

Rajnandgaon witnesses normal tropical wet and dry climate. The temperature in Rajnandgaon remains moderate and bearable throughout the year. However, it varies in accordance with the season of the climate. Like many other parts of India, Rajnandgaon also witnesses three major seasons throughout the year. Summer, Rainy and winter have their respective impacts on the climate and the weather of the Rajnandgaon. The months from March to June are generally considered as the Summer Season of Rajnandgaon. The temperature of the Rajnandgaon can be extremely hot during the summer time. However, the climate fluctuates in between. The average temperature during the summer time is almost 48 degree centigrade. However, the climate becomes extreme due to the hot and dry winds of the summer. In recent times, the summer temperature of Rajnandgaon has even reached 50 degree centigrade.

Geography of Rajnandgaon

The city receives good amount rain. According to available data, during the rainy or monsoon season, Rajnandgaon receives almost 1200 mm rain. The temperature drops down to almost 30 degree during the Monsoon. The Monsoon Season lasts till early October from the late June in the year. The winter season starts from the month of October. This is the most pleasant time in Rajnandgaon in terms of climate and weather of course. The average temperature during the winter season remains around 14 degree, and the lowest can be as low as 5 degree. However, the temperature can dip even further if the city receives any rain during the winter.

Demography of Rajnandgaon

Rajnandgaon is the blend of urban of the rural population. The city is known for its traditional values and often called as the land of culture and tradition. According to the Census 2011, the population of Rajnandgaon is around 163122. Rajnandgaon is one of the most growing cities in India. The population growth of the city is 17.1 percent. The population density of the city is 159 persons per square km.

Vegetation of Rajnandgaon

Geographically, Rajnandgaon enjoys a very good position in terms of yielding field. The place is situated in the Central Plane of India, which is commonly referred as the Rice Bowl of India. Rajnandgaon has a yielding plane which is capable of producing large rice. Apart from Paddy, Wheat is another crop that gets cultivated in Rajnandgaon.

Rivers of Rajnandgaon

The principal river of the Rajnandgaon city is Sheonath. The river is the all source of cultural, agricultural and economical activities. In the past, Sheonath used to be a major communication and business route as well for Rajnandgaon. The river flows in North Easter direction in the city and further merges with the Mahanadi River.

Rajnandgaon at a glance

Country: India
State: Chhattisgarh
Region: Central Plane
District: Rajnandgaon
Altitude: 330.70
Climate: Tropical
Precipitation: 1274 mm
Average Annual Temperature: 25 degree
Average Summer Temperature: 30 degree
Average Winter Temperature: 14 degree

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