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Photo Studios in Rajnandgaon

After the formation of the new state Chhattisgarh, Rajnandgaon has emerged rapidly. The increased penetration of western culture and modernization has made the residents fashion conscious. The city has seen the mushrooming of several photo studios in every corner. Most of the photo studios are now well equipped with advanced gadgets to capture the high resolution photographs. The residents in the city are taking a great interest in getting their personal portfolio done by the experienced photographers in the city. According to the customer’s preferences, the photo studios are now offering both indoor and outdoor shoot at affordable packages. Generally during the wedding season, the demand for professional photos and video shoots soars high. Some of the photo studios in the city offer various photography courses. Listed below are the famous photo studios in the city.

Photo Labs in Rajnandgaon

List of Photo Labs in Rajnandgaon

Vibgyor Colour Lab
Address: Manav Mandir Chowk, Near Guru Dwara Chowk, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 917744223590

Swastik Photo Studio
Address: Gole Bazar, Bhagat Sing Chowk, Dongargarh, Rajnandgaon - 491445
Phone: 919301327057

Chetan Studio

Address: Gole Bazar, Bhagat Sing Chowk, Dongargarh, Rajnandgaon - 491445
Phone: 917823212333

Nataraj Digital Studio
Address: Gole Bazar, Bhagat Sing Chowk, Dongargarh, Rajnandgaon - 491445
Phone: 919425559983

SSD Photo
Address: Dongargarh, Village Musra, Rajnandgaon - 491445
Phone: 919575848499

Khobragade Photo Studio
Address: Behind Civil Court, Dongargarh, Rajnandgaon - 491445
Phone: 919584954611

Dewangan Studio
Address: Churiya, Old Bus Stand, Rajnandgaon - 491557
Phone: 919424105268

Yadaw Photo Studio
Address: Purana Bus Stand, Churiya, Near Lakshmi Cloth, Rajnandgaon - 491557
Phone: 917823206089

Bombey Photo Studio
Address: Kumhar Para, Churiya, Near Main Road Churiya, Rajnandgaon - 491557
Phone: 919424100530

Gunjan Photo Studio
Address: Kalka Para, Khairagarh, Near Khairagarh, Rajnandgaon - 491881
Phone: 917820233538

Chandu Printing & Computer
Address: New Bus Stand, Khairagarh, Near Sonu Electricals, Rajnandgaon - 491881
Phone: 91406025639

Jeet Studio Digital Photo Copy
Address: Khairagarh, Bakhshi Marg, Rajnandgaon - 491881
Phone: 919406060567

Banty Photo Point
Address: Dau Chowra, Khairagarh, Near Bhilai Furniture, Rajnandgaon - 491881
Phone: 919753061524

Studio Chhayankan
Address: Khairagarh, New Bus Stand, Rajnandgaon - 491881
Phone: 919713161444

Digital Colour Lab
Address: Dongargaon, Post Office Road, Rajnandgaon - 491661
Phone: 917745271964

Address: Dongargaon, Post Office Road, Rajnandgaon - 491661
Phone: 919424111339

New Kamal Photo Studio
Address: Dongargaon, Bazar Chowk, Rajnandgaon - 491661
Phone: 919424111348

Raj Video Shuting & Photo Graphics
Address: Main Road Dongergaon, Dongargaon, Dube Complex, Rajnandgaon - 491661
Phone: 919827461846

Studio Ajanta

Address: Main Road, Cinema Line, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 919893351511

R K Studio
Address: Ramadhin Marg Road, Ramadhin Marg, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 919589593113

Shibani Studio
Address: Nandai Road, Nandai Chowk, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 919329237265

Galexy Studio
Address: Bharakapara, Near Kali Mandeer, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 917744220366

Lori Studio
Address: Cinema Line, Divan Para, Diwanpara, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 917744222233

Sanjay Colour Lab
Address: Durga Takies Road, Durga Chouk, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 917744229867

Shiwani Photo Studio
Address: Nandai Chowk, Kuaan Chouk, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 917744229887

Aashish Studio
Address: Indira Nagar Rajnandgaon, Word No 41, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 919827188035

Anlakar Studio
Address: Lakholi, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 917744-401311

Abhinav Studio
Address: Station Para, Near Overbrige, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 919826136924

Hina Studio
Address: Bharka Para, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 917744-403221

JAI Durga Photo Collection
Address: Gudakhu Line, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 919425559018

J.S. Video Shuting
Address: Tulsipur, Main Road, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 919827185191

Kalpana Digital Studio
Address: Bramhan Para, Durga Takies Road, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 919827188149

New Digital Art
Address: Tulsipur, Main Road, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 919827985868

National Art Studio
Address: Kamptee Line, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 917744403909

Om SAI Studio
Address: Mamta Nagar, Word No. 17, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 919827158336

Raj Photo Studio
Address: G E Road, Kikabhai Complex, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 919300621261

Shree Balaji Studio
Address: Gurunanak Chowk, Opp Old Hospital, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 917744281320

Studio Gurukripa
Address: Tulsipur, Main Road, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 919827181015

Shonu Studio
Address: Mahesh Nagar, Near Basntpur Road, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 919827194818

Shanu Foto Studio
Address: Motipur, Near Railway Chowki, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 917744227197

Shilpa Studio
Address: Sahdev Nagar, Near Mci College, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 919827169908

Kabir Studio
Address: Murhipar Road Somni, Somni, Near Mobile Garden, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 919098765368

Hansraj Photo Studio
Address: Men Road Somni, Somni, Near Bazar Chowk, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 919893620860

Niraj Photo Studio
Address: Muripar, Tedesara, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 919993428830

Wengdesh Photo Studio
Address: Gathula, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 919691978296

Chhavi Photo Studio
Address: Khairagarh Road, Tilai, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 919752684534

Shambhu Photo Studio
Address: Bazar Chowk Mushra, Rajnandgaon H O, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 919752684998

Shambhu Photo Studio
Address: Bazar Chowk Mushra, Rajnandgaon H O, Rajnandgaon - 491441
Phone: 919752684998

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